At Belmont Foot Clinic we can diagnose and successfully treat a whole range of disorders and problems from athletes foot to heel pain and sports injuries, all from our surgery in East Belfast.

Routine Podiatry / Chiropody

Covering all aspects of basic foot care from simple nail cutting to corns and callus.

Nail Surgery

For those difficult ingrown toenails, it is often beneficial to remove part of or the entire nail surgically under local anaesthetic.

Biomechanics / Orthoses

Often many foot and lower limb problems are caused by the underlying structures of the foot and how they work whilst walking and running. Podiatrists can assess this through clinical examination and gait analysis, and prescribe appropriate advice, exercises and orthotics if required.


Various treatment options are available to clear the foot of this viral infection.

Paediatric Foot Problems

Often children are affected by various foot problems. These are treated using a more tailored child friendly approach.

At Risk Feet

Various medical conditions can have a significant effect on the feet, such as Diabetes, Arthrits, Vascular, and Nerve problems, amongst others. These conditions present more difficult foot problems which can be assessed and treated by the practice. We liaise closely with other medical professions to ensure optimal treatment is received.

Home Visits are available for those not able to attend the clinic.

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